Save Tons of Money on your HP Printer Ink!

I used to hate (HATE) buying printer ink. It was one of my least favorite expenses – and boy, was it EXPENSIVE! I would search and search for the cheapest place to buy and would oftentimes end up buying a refilled cartridge from eBay. Although the refilled cartridges were eons cheaper and they did work with my printer (some printers reject them), the ink did not last long at all and it ended up costing me MORE!

One day, I was searching again for the cheapest place to buy ink. I’m a lover of printables (I have a whole library for my subscribers you can check out here) and tend to print way more often than I should. 😉 (If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right! Haha.) But my printing habit was costing us way too much money in ink!

During my search, I came across something interesting. I have an HP printer, and I saw this HP Instant Ink program where they claimed you could save up to 50% on printer ink AND get new cartridges shipped to your door automatically when your printer started running low.

I was hooked! Not only did they say I would SAVE MONEY, but I didn’t even have to worry about buying ink ever again, because my printer would tell them when it needed more??

I was actually worried it was too good to be true…. And seeing it was a monthly service, I was even more hesitant. I didn’t want to add another monthly bill to our budget.

But I ended up giving it a try, and I am so glad I did! I’ve been using it well over a year now and have no plans to ever go back! Want to find out more? Check it out here!

The Details

HP Instant Ink has 3 plans to choose from. And all pages cost the same – full color or black and white! Print whatever you need with no penalties!


  1. 50 pages for $2.99/month (plus any applicable tax). This plan includes up to 50 rollover pages (any pages you don’t use in your plan carry over into the next month, up to 50 pages) and if you go over, you get 15 pages for just $1. (and if you don’t use all of the pages, they also count towards your rollover pages! They make sure you actually get what you pay for!)
  2. 100 pages for $4.99/month. This includes up to 100 rollover pages and if you need extra pages you can get a set of 20 for $1.
  3. 300 pages for $9.99/month. This includes up to 300 rollover pages and extra page sets are 25 pages/$1.


Additional Program Details

You can change your plan at any timeSo, if you enroll in the 50 pages/month plan, but notice you’re printing more than usual that month, you can bump up to the 100 pages/month plan rather than pay for extra sets of pages. Then the next month, if you’re back to your normal printing amount, just bump it back down to the 50 page/month plan. They make it very easy!

You can easily check how many pages you’ve used. Here’s a picture of my home page. (Yes, I print a LOT! Haha.) It updates anytime you log on, and you can also refresh it if needed.

They make it crazy easy to cancel enrollment! I hate it when programs make it ridiculously hard to cancel something. The worst is when you have to call…. blech! HP Instant Ink makes it so easy to cancel with just a click of a button!

Your printer communicates with the program and tells them when to ship more ink! When your ink starts getting low, your printer will tell HP Instant Ink and they will ship you new cartridges! You’ll get them way before you need them so you’ll never run out of ink again!

You can add more than one printer! If you have multiple printers, you can enroll more than one. Just bear in mind that you will have additional charges for each printer.

Want to try it out yourself for Free?!

For a limited time, HP Instant Ink is offering 2 months free when you sign up! They did not have this when I signed up (I wish they had!) and this special deal ends September 3oth so get it while you can! There’s no risk – if you hate the program, just cancel!

Sign up today! Click here to get started