Start a Morning Quiet Time Routine in 5 Easy Steps (and free printable daily devotional sheet!)

Quiet time morning routine daily devotional free printable

Have you ever heard the term “quiet time” and wondered what exactly it was? Why is it important, and do you really need it anyway?

Quiet time is sacred, blissful alone time in the morning to meet with God and prepare (spiritually, emotionally, mentally) for the upcoming day. It gets you in the right mindset to handle anything that might come your way throughout the day, and it’s a chance to draw closer to God and become more intimate with Him.

Now, quiet time doesn’t have to be spiritual – quiet time can mean reading a couple chapters of a book you enjoy, or writing in a journal, or doing some exercise. Anything that helps you relax your mind and prepares you for the day can be considered quiet time – the main thing is that it is time alone, by yourself, no kids (or even spouse) around. 

Because I am a Christian and my quiet time is spiritual, my quiet time consists of 4 things – Bible reading, prayer, reading a short devotional, and reflection/journaling. I’m going to go over the steps you need to create your own sacred quiet time in the morning.


First, you’ll need some supplies to get started. You probably have all or most of these already, but I’m providing links if you need anything. (Please note – these are affiliate links, so if you order something through one of my links I will get a small commission from it, at no extra cost to you! You can see my full disclosure policy here.)

  • A basket or storage bin to store all your quiet time supplies in so they’re in one location and easy to access. I’m using a basket that I already had around the house, but eventually I’d like to upgrade to a prettier basket that has some farmhouse charm. I really love this Farmhouse-style caddy and think it would make it super easy to store everything neatly.
  • Highlighters and your favorite writing utensils to highlight verses, write down Scriptures, and journal during your quiet time. My absolute favorite pens right now are these Paper Mate Flair felt tip ones. I just love them!
  • A Bible – ha! Probably self-explanatory, but I had to include it in the list. If you’re looking for a new Bible, my favorite version for daily reading is the ESV Bible. I’m also fascinated by these journaling Bibles, although I have not yet bought one – I’m not the most artistic and am slightly afraid I’d ruin the Bible with horrible “art”. If you’re a creative, artistic type of person, they might be a great way to make quiet time more enjoyable! I know a lot of people really love them.
  • A devotional if desired. I consider this optional, but reading a short daily devotional can give you some fresh perspective, and there are tons to choose from that apply to all walks of life. I personally love the Joyce Meyer devotionals, and I’m currently working through this one.
  • A journal – again, this is optional, but I really value journaling and think it can be a super effective way to get the most out of your quiet time. When I take the time to write in a journal, it helps focus my mind and allows me to pray more effectively.
  • Quiet Time daily devotional sheets. I’m the type of person who really struggles to know what to do during quiet time. I need guidelines. So I created this printable sheet to guide my quiet time routine, and it has been awesome for me! This makes it super easy to figure out quiet time, even if you’re a beginner! You can subscribe below to get this sheet for free! (Here’s just a sneak peek of the sheet, but you can scroll down to see what it looks like. It’s gorgeous, I promise!)


  • A binder or folder to store your devotional sheets in, if you want to keep them, or if you want to print out several at a time.

Okay, now you have all your supplies! What next?


I have recently started making my quiet time a priority – and here are the steps I’ve been following to turn it into a routine that I stick with long-term.

Step 1 – Gather your supplies into your basket or bin.

Okay, maybe this is a no-brainer and doesn’t really require its own step? But I figured I’d throw it in there anyway since, you know, you do have to do this!

Step 2 – Choose the location you want to have your quiet time every morning.

The reason for this is that it builds routine – and if you get into the routine of it, you’re much more likely to succeed long-term! I also don’t recommend choosing an area where you’ll get too comfortable (like your bed) so you don’t have the risk of falling asleep during your Bible reading. 😉

Step 3 – Find a convenient but safe location for your quiet time basket.

For some of you, this may be super easy – set the basket down next to your favorite chair and boom, done!

But I, for one, am struggling with this one still, and I have been thinking about it for a week now. I have two young kids – a toddler who has an insane knack for finding pens and drawing on things he’s not supposed to (and I really, really try to be careful about keeping pens put away! It’s like he can sense it every time I slip up…), and a baby who is going to start crawling anytime now and will start getting into anything that’s within her reach. So, I’m struggling here. But I do have some ideas, so I’ll be trying them out to see which I like best.

The main point is, consider all the factors in your life that could affect this, and choose a location for your basket that works with all of those factors!

Step 4 – Make a plan for your actual quiet time routine.

Grab a sheet of paper and write down what you want to accomplish during this time. I already listed mine above – Bible reading, prayer, short devotional, and reflection/journaling time – but your list could be very different from mine! You may have a specific spiritual book you want to work through. Or you might want to try memorizing Scripture in addition to Bible reading and prayer. This is very personal to YOU, so you get to decide what happens during this time.

As mentioned in my supplies list, I created a printable to keep track of my list. The only thing I don’t have on there is my devotional reading, but since I have it in the basket right next to my Bible, I haven’t had issues remembering. The part I struggled with was diving deeper into Scripture and having a completely blank mind when it came time to pray. My printable gives me prompts to help with these, and I am loving it!

Start a Morning Quiet Time Routine in 5 Easy Steps (and free printable daily devotional sheet!)

Step 5 – Do it, every day.

No exceptions, no excuses, just do it! Set an alarm and try to get up around the same time each day to build the habit – eventually it will become second nature.

(If building habits is a struggle for you, check out my post on habit-building here!)

Bonus Step 6 – Use a journal to write down your prayer requests.

I love doing this – then I can look back at the old requests and be like, “Oh my goodness! God answered that prayer!” and it really builds faith. It’s a fantastic habit to get into! You can also use my printable sheets for this, just make sure to store them in a binder or folder so you can look at them in the future and see how awesome God has been!

Do you have a quiet time routine in place? What works for you – or what doesn’t? Was this post helpful to you? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts! 🙂

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* For the background image of the printable, I used digital scrapbook paper from Free Pretty Things for You. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

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