13 Weeks to a Better Me – Challenge Week 4

13 weeks to a better me

Can you believe it’s already week 4 of my better me challenge?! It’s crazy that I’ve already been doing this for 3 full weeks now. When I think about that, I start feeling down because it seems like I haven’t made a lot of positive change like I wanted to.

But then if I really think about it – I’m being purposeful about drinking more water each and every day. I’m striving to develop a morning routine that makes my whole day go more smoothly and frees up more of my time. And I am in the process of developing a quiet time habit.

I really am making changes for the better, which is what I wanted! It’s slow progress, but I am making progress – and that’s the important part!

Week 3 in Review

Week 1 Challenge – Drink More Water.

Okay, this week I was hoping to have a “perfect score” so to speak, and drink 8+ glasses of water every single day. I unfortunately didn’t do that.

I had two days where I did not track very well, so I honestly don’t know how much I drank on those days. One of them I was running out and about and didn’t bring my water bottle, so I just had no clue how much I had. The other day, I guess I just didn’t pay attention to what I drank! (Those are the two days with question marks on them…haha.) But Tuesday I definitely did not drink my full 8 glasses.

Here’s a picture of my water tracker from the week. You can check out my post about drinking more water by clicking here.

Week 2 Challenge – Follow a Morning Routine

So the first week I did this, I failed miserably… hah! This week, I only mostly failed miserably, but Monday I actually made it through the entire routine, and I must say – it felt amazing! I felt like superwoman, getting all kinds of stuff done!

You’d think that day’s success would drive me to continue to stick to the routine, but alas, I fell off the bandwagon. But writing this is giving me a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, so I’m believing this week will be better!

I’ve also noticed some areas that just aren’t working super well for me, so I will adjust my routine this week and see if that helps! To read my post about creating a morning routine, you can click here.

Here’s a picture of my morning routine tracker from this past week. (FYI – you can get both of these trackers for free and print them for your own use! Just subscribe to my newsletter by clicking below and you’ll get access sent right to your inbox!)


By the way, in case you’re wondering – I hung both my trackers on a magnetic marker board that is part of my command center in my home. I go past this wall a gazillion times every day so it’s super convenient to check off and it’s a constant reminder to actually mark off everything as I do it! Here’s a picture of part of my command center (which my husband says sounds like it should be part of a ship from Star Trek or something… clearly, he has never spent much time on Pinterest!).


Week 3 Challenge – Create a Quiet Time Routine

There is too much to say about this, so I wrote a post for it. Check it out here!

Week 4 Challenge

A new week, a new challenge! This week, I’m tackling something a little more broad. It can’t be accomplished in a day or a week, like the others. And I can’t really use a checklist for it to track my progress.

My task this week is to stick to our monthly budget. Yikes. It’s hard even writing it!

Now, I’m not a huge spender. I’m naturally a more frugal person and I love having money saved for emergencies. I get slightly obsessive over budgets because I enjoy them so much…. Well, I enjoy making budgets, that is.

But month after month, it never fails that something (or many somethings!) pops up and the budget goes out the window.

Usually if we overspend in one area, it somehow lowers my self-discipline in all areas, which is pretty much a terrible habit. I get this sort of Well, the budget is blown now, so what does it matter? I’ll just get back on track next month attitude. So instead of having one small setback but overall being successful, we have a TON of setbacks and our savings/debt payoff goals are completely shot. Not cool.

So this week, I’m going to start researching and experimenting with different ways to help us stay on track. We’ve tried different methods like cash envelopes before, and they’ve had varying degrees of success, but nothing has really stuck well.

Hopefully I can come up with a solution that helps us both (since Craig and I each handle money very differently!) stay on track with the budget. And stay in communication with each other throughout the month, so we are on the same page.

So what’s going on with you? Have you been following the challenge? What areas of your life are you turning around? Let me know in the comments!

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